In Search of a Long Distance Relationship Guide

So you’re in a long distance relationship (LDR), and naturally you’re looking for a LDR guide. What sort of LDR guide will serve you best? How about a ‘Sherpa’ – the people who lead adventurers up Mt. Everest – will they serve you well as your LDR guide? Let’s be realistic, books can work well as a LDR guide too.

A long distance relationship guide can be different things to different people. We’re all born with a burning need to have a relationship with someone we care for. But some of us choose the tougher road, the road less traveled, a LDR. I recommend that anyone who traverses this road be well prepared before taking on such a journey. This type of relationship needs a LDR guide for sure!

I’ve been in many relationships in my life, and a few of them – two to be exact, were LDRs. Did I have a LDR guide when I started out? Oh no! I was young, naive and full of lust. I felt I could make it on my own while my loved one was living in another city. I soon found that I needed a LDR guide to be my daily companion.

I’d like to share my experiences with LDRs and give you some insight into my LDR guide.

Preparation for the Unknown

When I started out I didn’t have the slightest clue about my long distance relationship guide. I had lots of relationship experience to fall back on – I felt more than prepared for what lay ahead. I knew my partner was living in another city, we had telephones, cell phones, email, the Internet, web cams, text messaging – what more did I need. I soon found I needed my LDR guide to smooth the road. No matter how much technology I had – I wasn’t prepared for the emotional onslaught that was about to happen.

I found myself longing for her voice after we hung up the phone. Why wasn’t this covered in my long distance relationship guide? How could I have been so absent-minded and not thought of the obvious. No matter how many way you have to communicate, you also need to be prepared for the emotions that come with a LDR. My next points will help with this.

Setting and Managing Expectations

When you’re in a ‘normal’ relationship (same city) you just chat when we feel like it, send an email here or there. But when you enter a long distance relationship – communication becomes a staple in the relationship and it become quality instead of quantity. It’s important to have expectations on when you will communicate and for how long. There’s nothing written in your LDR guide that prepares you for feeling snubbed, or forgotten when your loved one isn’t online, doesn’t return your call or email.

Setting these expectations in the beginning will save you a lot of mental anguish. Make sure you leave a page or two open in your LDR guide to make mental notes. Not having expectations met can lead to troubling feelings about the long distance relationship and affect its survival.

Planning your Communication

As I’ve hinted previously, entering into a long distance relationship means you’ll need tools or services in order to communicate. I know it sounds obvious but you wouldn’t believe how silly I felt the first time was asked to have a voice conversation over MSN and I didn’t have a microphone. I felt lousy that I missed out on this opportunity to chat voice to voice. And with the Internet, this can be done for free (except the cost of a headset microphone).

So make sure your LDR guide has an entry for your communication checklist. The more ways you have to communicate, the less apart you’ll feel. Nothing is better than getting a ‘(k)’ which means ‘kiss’ in text speak to me, or a dozen of them on your cell phone as a text message.


I hope you’ve learned about your own internal long distance relationship guide. It lives inside you and as silly as it sounds – it works. Make notes in it often. I sure did!

What to Look For in a Business Long Distance Communication Provider

Nowadays, sophisticated communication tools have made it easy for us to get in touch with friends, kin and colleagues who are living away from us. A few clicks on our cellphones and computers instantly connect us to the people we want to talk to, wherever they might be based.

For employers and bosses, these gadgets offer a convenient way of dealing with customers as it eliminates the need for face-to-face meetings.

Frequent monitoring of staff, who are on the field looking for new clients, also becomes possible because of mobile phones and laptops. Employees on field bring along these gadgets to give top executives an opportunity to provide support and guidance whenever needed.

Keeping an eye on your employees’ progress through frequent mobile phone calls is indeed helpful but may entail huge phone bills. If you find yourself in this situation, it might be a good idea to look for a scheme that would help you reduce your phone bills without sacrificing long distance communication.

Various companies, from multinational corporations to single proprietorship ventures, have been in this position before. One of the most efficient ways of tackling this problem is by choosing an affordable long distance communication. Even those who are just starting their own businesses would do well if they follow this advice.

The first step is to identify the service providers and their competencies. Each company offers varied schemes and billing rates. Generally, the differences in their communication plans are stated in fine print. Study the fine print.

Evaluate the details of each of the telecom companies offers. Look out for cleverly-phrased potholes to avoid choosing the wrong service provider. Request the sales person to provide the total bill amount at the end of the billing cycle and the different usage scenarios.

Also remember to ask the sales person to attest to the bill that he provided you with.

This ensures that the sales person would provide you with the company’s actual charges.

Service providers are engaged in stiff competition so do not feel compelled to accept a scheme that may appear odd to you. Take your time.

Study all the offers of each provider and make a comprehensive comparison. Doing this will help you choose the company that can provide you with the service that you need at the least possible cost.

If digital services is accessible to you, T1 is a great option. But if you are still trying to reach the market that you are aiming for, it is advisable to contact the telephone service provider and discuss with them their billing schemes and rates. Compare all the offers available and choose intelligently.

How to Establish Rules and Parameters in a Long Distance Relationship

The long distance romance is a present day occurrence. Not so long ago, the furthest one might look for a partner was the farm next door! Today, with the advent of automobiles, airplanes, internet dating services, and e-mail communication, long distance relationships are quite prevalent. It is no longer an extraordinary event for a couple to maintain a flourishing romantic relationship, even though separated by many miles.

In a study done by Dr. Greg Guldner, it was discovered that 70% of couples in a long distance relationship who did not apply rules or negotiate changes, wound up apart within 6 months. It is therefore important that you and your partner establish rules and parameters to help assist in your long distance relationship. This could include an arrangement of not dating others, of communicating daily, and seeing each other at least once every 2-3 months in person.

It is important to openly discuss and agree on the terms of your relationship:

  • whether to remain monogamous or not when apart
  • how often to communicate
  • how often to visit
  • It can be easy to make assumptions, and it is not always comfortable to talk out the potential problems.
    Discussing problematic areas is rarely a fun time! However, when there are no misconceptions or bad feelings, and you are both on the same page, that is the prescription for a strong, healthy bond. A long distance relationship can work if it constructed on a good foundation of trust, understanding, and determination.

    Although requiring significantly more effort and attention than more conventional dating relationships, the rewards garnered from maintaining a long distance relationship can be well worth it. Due to necessity, those that are involved in a long distance relationship romance learn to be more candid and communicative, have a greater appreciation for their partner, and grow more trustful and autonomous.